Volunteer Opportunities

St. Elizabeth's has a proud history and culture of volunteerism and service. We invite you to explore one or more of the various volunteer activities available across our parish.

We are seeking for volunteers to fill these "hot jobs". These "hot jobs" are typically a one time job or have minimal time commitments. Sign up this online form. Thank you!


Seeking one or two individuals to help manage the registration and room assignment process for the Winter Ski Weekend. This person(s) will be responsible for gathering all registrations and deposits, assigning rooms at the inn based on party size, contacting those parishioners with their placement confirmation, and creating and maintaining a wait list as needed (in case the event is sold out). The current coordinator will work with the new volunteers to help as needed and to answer any questions. This role will require 5 - 7 hours in November/December.


Seeking one or two individuals to manage the invoicing and payment process for the Winter Ski Weekend. This person(s) will be responsible for finalizing the pricing for all attendees; emailing each participant with a detailed invoice outlining costs; collecting payments from everyone prior to the deadline; ensuring the Inn receives payment for the weekend. The current coordinator will work with the new volunteers to explain the pricing model and structure, and to answer questions as needed. This role will require 5 - 7 hours in December/early January.


Looking for an individual to compose and publish The Mantle every other month. Responsibilities include gathering the contributed articles and photos and creating the newsletter for final review. Upon approval, work with the office to send email distribution and print any copies as needed. Total time commitment is estimated at 8-10 hours every other month, as this role will be shared with the current editor.


Seeking two proofreaders to review the Mantle prior to its distribution each month. Provide feedback to the editors on any issues with layout, spelling, grammar, etc. Total time commitment will be roughly 1-2 hours each month, with an every other month commitment.


Collect photos and announcements from the congregation, read and cut articles and photos from the Town Crier, and organize the bulletin board near the parish hall. Total time commitment: 4-5 hours each month.


Seeking interested individuals to join this ministry. Lay leaders within the church, EM's assist at the altar, participate in the distribution of communion, lead readings and the prayers of the people. All participants must participate in a training session (less than one day time commitment) to become licensed within the diocese and to learn the responsibilities of serving. Once licensed, the time commitment is serving approximately one Sunday every 4-8 weeks, depending on how many people are in the rotation.


Looking for parishioners to serve as ushers during the Sunday service. Responsibilities include: arriving 30 minutes prior to service; greeting arriving worshippers; passing out service bulletins; guiding newcomers; pass the offering plates; directing worshippers to the altar rail for communion; tidying up pews after the service; counting and tallying the weekly offering. New ushers will be paired with current members so they can become familiar with the process. Ushers typically serve every 4-6 weeks, depending on how many are in the rotation, and they arrive 30 minutes early and stay approximately 30 minutes after the service ends.


Seeking many parishioners to serve as acolytes during worship services. Acolytes serve as the Cross bearer and leader of the processional and recessional. The Acolyte is also responsible for lighting the altar candles prior to the service and extinguishing them after the recessional; presenting the offering plates to the ushers and receiving them to then present to the priest. Youth can serve as Acolytes beginning in 5th or 6th grade and we welcome adult Acolytes as well! There is a brief training session required to review the roles and steps. Acolytes are expected to arrive 15-30 minutes prior to service, with no post-service time commitment. Once trained, an acolyte can expect to serve once every month or two.


Prepare youth choir music binders for each Sunday. Binders include service music (their specific anthem for the week, plus all hymns), and that Sunday's liturgy (correct Prayers of the People, Eucharistic Prayer, post communion prayer). The coordinator also helps the youth choir members change into robes and they are present with them in the choir loft to assist as needed. Estimated time commitment: 2 hours per week.

St. Elizabeth's Safe Church Policy

All volunteers working with infants, children, adolescents, young adults and at-risk parishioners are required to complete either an online or group Safe Church training certified by the Diocese of Masshachusetts. Online training is available, at no cost, to all volunteers at St. Elizabeth's. You must also have had a CORI check done within the past 3 years.

Please contact Peg Scarlata in the office at office@st-elizabeths.org or call 978-443-6035.

More information:

St. Elizabeth's Outline of Safe Church Guidelines: Word | PDF
St. Elizabeth's Policy for Safe Church Practices: Word | PDF
CORI Request Form: Word | PDF
St. Elizabeth's Code of Conduct for Protection of Children and Youth and Acknowledgement of Receipt: Word | PDF
Transporting Children and Youth in a Motor Vehicle: Word | PDF